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Mini storage units are perfect for people who need the flexibility of renting space, but don’t have enough room in their home. Our mini storage sizes range from small closet size to garage size. In addition, our mini storage units provide extra security for storing valuable items such as bicycles or golf clubs in the Aylmer and Gatineau areas.
Mini storage units are ideal for those who need easy access to their belongings at all times. The mini storage unit usually comes with a key that can be used at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our storage at Entrepôts du Plateau.

Storage options with mini storage units:

It’s important to know the level of security your items will have when stored in a storage unit.

– Temperature Control:
Some mini storage units are equipped with a temperature control system to keep your items safe for long periods of time. These mini storage units provide a heated environment to better preserve those valuable photos and antiques. The perfect place to store your most valuable possessions is in a temperature controlled mini storage unit. These units are specially designed with safety in mind and offer protection from extreme heat or cold.

– Effective security:
In the area, other mini storage units may have different levels of security. You need to be informed. At Entrepôts du Plateau, we offer 24-hour surveillance of your storage unit with controlled security access. Alarm systems provide immediate response to any intrusion or vandalism on the premises, so you can stay informed at all times. A fully fenced site ensures complete security for both employees and customers.

We offer both indoor and outdoor storage units, depending on your needs.

What you need to store in mini-storage units:

Is a mini storage unit the right storage unit for you? Some items may not be recommended for storage in a mini-storage unit due to their size or nature. Here is a list of items that can be stored in a mini-storage unit without any problems:

– Photographs
– Canned food
– Furniture
– Most household appliances
– Toys
– Collectibles
– Clothes you rarely wear
– Valuable items you want to keep out of your home
– Important documents